Poverty is bad for your health

What are health inequities?
Health inequities are the unfair and avoidable differences in health between groups of people who share certain social, economic, demographic or geographic traits.

Health inequities are influenced by factors like access to basic housing, education and literacy levels. These factors are all negatively impacted by poverty.

Poverty is bad for your health. 

Poverty is a major contributor to health inequities, which in turn results in higher costs for our health and social service system and negative social impacts to people and our communities.

It is estimated that $1.2 billion in health care costs could be avoided if disadvantaged British Columbians were as healthy as those with higher education and incomes.

Opportunities for Action
Poverty and health inequities are not inevitable. Despite this, BC has the highest poverty rate in Canada and has no concrete plan to tackle this significant public health issue.

With the exception of British Columbia and Saskatchewan, every other province in Canada has adopted, or are in the process of adopting, poverty reduction strategies.

BC needs a provincial poverty reduction plan

This plan would need to include concrete and legislated targets and time lines, as well as a Minister who would be responsible for overseeing the plan.

We need you to raise your voice. Join us and advocate for a B.C. poverty reduction plan. Here’s how.

More information on health inequities and poverty reduction
Health Inequities + Poverty Reduction Backgrounder
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