Write Your Candidates

Elections are a critical opportunity to generate commitment to policy change.

Write your MLA candidates. Let them know that disease prevention and poverty reduction are key issues that you will be voting on in this election.

Why? Our provincial candidates need to know what’s important to us voters before they are motivated to take action. These are two key issues that affect the health of all British Columbians:

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
Decades of research shows that preventive health care (health interventions that take place before the onset of disease) helps people live longer, healthier lives, and helps control health care costs. We need to double our investment in preventative health care.

Poverty is bad for your health.
Too many British Columbians live with preventable health issues due to poverty. The growth and development of our children is at risk. We need a provincial poverty reduction plan.

Write your MLA Candidates 

Who: You! And any colleagues, family and friends who are concerned about policies that support health in British Columbia.

How: We have developed tools you can use to ask your MLA candidates to clarify their positions on the two key public health issues of poverty reduction and the need for more preventative health care.
A letter template you can customize and send to MLA candidates.

A database providing easy access to all contact info for MLA candidates in each riding.

Both can be found by visiting: https://povertybadforhealth.wordpress.com/get-involved/letter-campaign.

Join a movement to protect the health of all British Columbians.

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